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Stefan Tysbaert

(with an aversion to spelling mistakes)

Ingredients: Lithuanian food - thrillers - panda - tennis - travel - error-resolving

Hey! My name is Stefan - and I'm a programmer at bNamed. I'm a real morning person, but when I do not have to get up, you will probably find me behind some Netflix series, traveling or on the tennis court.

My calm character is very useful for my job as a programmer at bNamed. It should come as no surprise, then, that my favourite task is error-resolving. If there's one little task that takes patience...

With a degree in Applied Computer Science under my belt, I like to get down to work with gusto every morning in the company of my top team. I am a real team player, so I always enjoy being with my great colleagues (unless they make spelling mistakes, which makes me angry).

My favourite part of the job? Error-resolving on an independent basis. It's great that I can do what I want - and even more fun when my solution suddenly solves many errors at once!