Get your
domain name

The reseller site

This enables you to offer your customers a nice extra feature, namely proprietary management of the technical settings of their domain names.
You can also continue to take care of this for your clients yourself, but if you would like to give your client a little more autonomy, you can do so with our reseller site.

Why our reseller site?

Gives your customers access
Customers can manage technical settings themselves

Only set password for your customer

Add your own logo or adjust the entire layout

What do you have to do?

Fortunately, not very much! All you have to do is create a login for your client. To do this, log in to your account with us, go to contacts, select your client's contact and activate the 'login' option at the bottom. You will then see a login number and you can choose a password. Both need to be delivered to your customer.

How does it work?

Your customer can login to our white label reseller site with the login information you provide. He or she will then be provided with an overview of all his or her domain names and can start managing them technically. All other things will continue to run through you (e.g. invoicing, changing contact details,...).

Your look and feel

Your logo can be placed on the reseller website. Want to add something more? Then the website can be given your complete look and feel! In addition, the URL of the website can also be changed to an address of your choice, e.g. a subdomain of your own domain name. Because of this, your customer will not notice that he or she is actually on the bNamed website.