Get your
domain name


Our API is actually a communication tool that enables you to run your own software and actions on your domain names easily. You can automate the entire management of your domain names through our API.

You can also automate the management of your SSL certificates through our API.

Why our API?

Easy implementation
You can get started almost immediately thanks to our clear manual

PHP examples
We have extensive PHP code examples available from which you can copy

Manage everything
Complete management of domain names, contacts, certificates,...

What is possible?

You can read what can be done with our API in our comprehensive manual. You don’t have to implement all functionalities immediately, of course. You choose which components are useful for you. For example, many of our customers just start with the availability check.

We will be delighted to give you a tip... just to get you started - and perhaps to get you a little excited about all the possibilities for optimisation...

Availability check of one or more domain names - under any extension imaginable;
Order, renew, update or reactivate your domain names;
Create and customize contacts;
Adjust technical settings;
Request overviews of your domain names, contacts, certificates,...;
Request and manage SSL certificates;