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domain name
We offer you 5 nameservers at 5 fysically independent locations. That way, we can guarantee you the best possible uptime if you use our nameservers. Even if one or more nameservers would go down, the others will take over its tasks. Your customers won't notice this at all.

Moreover we also offer you some nice extra's such as our default white labeled nameservers. If this isn't sufficient for you, we also offer you the possibility to use our nameservers but give them your own name, free of charge. Like that your customers won't notice you're working with a third party because in the Whois-information nameservers with your own name will be shown.

Our nameservers are fully up to speed with all new technologies. You can enable DNSSEC with one push of the button and also CAA-records are supported.

Nameserver diversification

Nameservers are the basis of your domain name. If they don't work, nothing does. A while ago some major internet companies like Twitter and Spotify went offline for a couple of hours because their very reliable nameserver provider was attacked by a so called DDoS. The attack was not directed against Twitter or Spotify directly but they were 'collateral damage'. The conclusion was clear: there is only one way of not breaking down if someone else is attacked and that's by combining different nameserver services. This is something we currently offer by default. For example, you can combine our nameservers with the cloudserverrs of Google with one click on the button or you can put special anti DDoS nameservers on top of that.