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24 Aug: Domain name of the week

During the months June, July and August DNS Belgium puts one .be, .brussels or .vlaanderen domain name in the picture, the domain name of the week. This domain name is a name which distinguish itself by the use of the .be, .brussels or .vlaanderen extension. This week the domain name of the week is‘We […]

29 Apr: .bw has made his comeback!

For years you could only register domain names under,, and, until recently the government of Botswana decided to re-release .bw. With is sub-tropical climate and located in the middle of southern Africa, Botswana is one of the richest countries of southern Africa, caused by the mining of minerals. It is the […]

17 Dec: Donuts allows 2-character domain names

In the second quarter of 2015, donuts registry will allow 2-character domain names for all their extensions. 2-character domain names are usually not allowed by registries to avoid confusion with the country codes (e.g. .be, /de …). Donuts however wants to release them on a date still to be decided in Quarter 2 of 2015. […]

23 Sep: Norid might launch .bv as new TLD

The Norwegian registrar NORID is, besides .no, also responsible for the domain name extension .bv (Bouvet Island). Despite the fact that Bouvet Island has zero inhabitants, it still has its own country code and thus also its own top level domain. From Norway, there is however no interest in registering .bv domain names (simply because […]

16 Sep: .vlaanderen and .brussels have finally been launched!

There is no doubt that you haven’t heard about the launch of .vlaanderen and .brussels. You did hear about all those different registration periods. But what are those phases? What do they involve? There are 5 possibilities to sign up for both .vlaanderen and .brussels. The first period, the so-called Sunrise-period, has started on 1 […]

(Pre) register your .amsterdam domain name!

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is known worldwide. Everyone already heard of the Anne Frank house, the historic canals, the van Gogh museum and the city red light's district. So an own extension for this city was a logical consequence.

Currently the landrush for .amsterdam is going on. This landrush will end on August 14th. If you live in Amsterdam or your company is located in Amsterdam, the landrush is the ideal moment to register your name under this extension. Your application will be given priority.

On September 1st the general availability for the .amsterdam extension will begin. Of course you can already pre-register a name now.

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