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Five reasons to choose our IMAP mailbox

If you register your domain name with bNamed, you will always have the option to link a professional mailbox to it. And believe us: that's a good idea. After all, such a mailbox comes with many advantages... for example, better protection against spam and viruses, a reliable image and the possibility of an unlimited number of e-mail aliases. And that's just the beginning.

At bNamed you can choose between two types of mailboxes: the POP3, our 'basic' solution - and the IMAP, the solution with that little bit extra. And we'll tell you a little more about the latter today. Here we go: five reasons to choose our IMAP mailbox!

Why choose an IMAP mailbox?

Available anytime, anywhere
Check your emails where and when you want. In the morning at the office on your PC, in the evening at home on your smartphone, it's all possible

Sharing is caring
Share one mailbox with several colleagues, friends, family,...? No problem!

Convenient and clear
One handy overview of your emails and appointments? That is also a piece of cake with an IMAP mailbox

Relax with the large capacity

There is nothing more annoying than being unable to receive emails because your mailbox has reached its maximum capacity. After all, you don't want to make any compromises by deleting other emails. And you certainly don't want to miss important emails or ask customers to resend their emails. After all, that's all stuff that you can do without as a toothache! Fortunately, you can easily anticipate this with an IMAP mailbox: at bNamed you can choose between a capacity of 1GB, 5GB, 20GB, 50GB and even 100GB. In other words... something for everyone!

Check your emails from anywhere

Nowadays we prefer to check our emails where ever - and above all: whenever we want. On your smartphone in the morning, on your computer at work and at home on your laptop or tablet in the evening: it is all possible (and should be). Fortunately, this is no problem with an IMAP mailbox! Not only can you check your email on different devices, but it is also no problem to give different colleagues access to the same mailbox. This way everyone can check the same mailbox, right from his or her own device!

Manage your appointments

Today almost all our professional appointments are made via email. Think of emails with meeting requests, lunch appointments, team meetings, offers that need to be sent out, deadlines that need to be met, ... before you know it, your week is full. It is therefore important to be able to consult a clear and simple overview to know what is planned and when. And... our IMAP mailbox can help you with this too! Finally, with this topper you can quickly book all received requests into your calendar. With a simple click you can keep a handy and continuously up-to-date overview of your appointments.

Extensive webmail

Do you also like to check your emails while travelling - or have you come to the conclusion in the evening that you still have to answer that one important email? Then there is a good chance that you will have to use a strange computer. Not something you immediately feel comfortable with? Don't worry: the IMAP mailbox is also equipped for this! Via the extensive webmail, you can log in to your mailbox from any computer without any problems - and you can even download an overview of all your emails, including associated files. Handy!

Easy to implement

And the best news? This state-of-the-art mailbox, including all its useful gadgets and features? It is also quick and easy to implement. Do you have a domain name through us and would you like to link an IMAP mailbox to it? Let us know - and we will send you the settings you need to enter in your email program as soon as possible. Fast, simple, convenient... that's bNamed!