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Extra services

Below you'll find an overview of the extra services we offer.


Is your trademark being infringed?

trademarkIf you're the owner of a trademark and you discover someone has registered a domain which infringes your trademark, there are several things we can do to help you. If you think your trademark is being infringed, you can always contact us via We'll be pleased to advise you regarding the actions you can take and we'll be happy to support you by gaining back such names.

Since such procedures often takes lot of time and work, an administration fee of €25 will be charged minimum.


Your desired domain name has already been registered?

ventjesOf course it's possible you wish to register a domain name which has already been registered by someone else. If you don't have a trademark for such name, it could be interesting to negotiate via a third party about the sale of this domain name.

If you negotiate via us, you won't be in the spotlight. This could be interesting to make sure the current owner won't ask an exuberant price for this name. We're a neutral party which can simplify the price negotiations. So we'll take care of this and you won't waste any time or effort.

Moreover we can also advise you what would be a reasonable price for this domain name. If the domain name is sold, we can also inform you about secure payment methods.

For starting those negotiations we'll charge you an administration fee of €25. If the domain name is sold to you, we'll ask 10% of the selling price with a minimum of €25.



naamgrijperYou wish to register a domain name which will be shortly released out of quarantine and which will become available for registration? Then our nameseizer can help you with this. The nameseizer is a tool which significantly increases your chances to effectively register a domain name.

Which nameseizer you can use, depends on the extension under which you wish to register your domain name. Moreover we also like to mention that the use of each of the following nameseizers increases the chance to register a domain name but it can never guarantee it. For all the nameseizers we also apply the rule that you only need to pay for the use of it if the nameseizer does grab the domain name.

.com, .net and .org

For these extensions, we've got 3 types of nameseizers. The more aggressive the nameseizer, the bigger the chance you will effectively register the domain name.

- Nameseizer soft: For this nameseizer you'll pay € 5 on top of the regular registration price. For this nameseizer, we use our own direct connection to the registry and we'll try to register the domain name from the second he becomes available for registration.

- Nameseizer normal: You'll pay € 20 on top of the regular registration fee. Moreover we'll also ask you to register the domain name for at least 2 years. The nameseizer tries to register the domain name via 10 different connections at the same time.

- Nameseizer aggressive: You'll pay € 60 on top of the regular registration fee. Also with this option, you'll need to register the domain name for at least 2 years. We'll cooperate with different partners to augment the chance to register the domain name. This nameseizer will use over 300 different connections to the .com, .net or .org registry.

Which nameseizer you use, will depend on your estimation that someone else is using a 'nameseizer aggressive' for this name. Because if someone does this, you won't have a big chance if you use the nameseizer normal. If you think someone else will use the nameseizer normal you probably won't stand a chance if you use the nameseizer soft.

.be and .eu

For those names you can easily activate the nameseizer via our website. No extra costs will be charged for the use of this nameseizer. You can activate this nameseizer as follows:

- Log in under your account with us
- Enter the domain name you wish to register in top right corner of the page at 'Order your domain name' and click 'Send'
- You'll now receive the message that this name isn't available for registration. Below you'll see the option to activate the nameseizer for this name. Select this option
- Next you can choose who needs to be the owner of this name and you can set up the technical settings
- You'll arrive at the payment page where you can pay for the registration of this name

Once we've received your payment, the nameseizer will be activated. If our nameseizer can't grab the domain name you wanted to register, the amount you've already paid for this name will be refunded as a credit in your account with us. and .nl

If you wish to register a or .nl domain name which will be released from quarantine, you can contact us via We'll activate this nameseizer for you. For both extension we can offer you an advanced nameseizer and multiples connections to the registry will be used. Via these connections we'll try to register the domain name for you from the moment he becomes available.

- Nameseizer With this nameseizer you pay € 70 on top of the regular registration price

- Nameseizer .nl: With this nameseizer you pay € 30 on top of the regular registration price

All other extensions

For all extensions which aren't mentioned above and which can be registered automatically via our website, we can offer you a nameseizer as well. The price for this nameseizer is € 30. If you wish to activate the nameseizer for an extension, don't hesitate to contact us via

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