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Bart Mortelmans

Managing director

(with a head full of plans and projects)

Ingredients: IT - inbox zero - gardening – hat wearer - Epicurean - coffee

Hello! My name is Bart, managing director of bNamed. You recognize me by my hats and the two different shoes I always wear. Just because I can! I am a real Epicurean, so if I want to get some rest, it's usually with a good glass of red wine and a richly filled plate.

I am always looking for new opportunities and things. And bNamed is a result of that! I'm crazy about everything that has to do with IT: it's my great passion, so I enjoy always looking for new things to learn about - to be able to help our clients even better.

My favourite part of the job? Making sure my inbox is empty: I know that no tasks are unfinished - and then I can start thinking about new optimizations again!