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Reseller website
You wish to give your website visitors the possibility to order a domain name via your website? And this without having to program anything yourself? Then our reseller website is something for you. How does it work?

You place a form on your website via which your clients have the possibility to check the availability of a domain name and to order this name. This form can be completely integrated in the lay-out of your website.

During the first step of this procedure, your customer will get to know if the domain name is available under the required extension. Moreover a list of other extensions under which the domain name is or isn't available will also be shown. If your client wants to order the domain name he simply clicks in 'Order'. He'll get on a second page where the owner data of the domain name need to be filled out. Both the pages which show the availability of domain name as the page where the owner details need to be filled out, run on our server but are completely adapted to your look & feel. The pages have your lay-out and the url's of those pages can be changed to for instance So your client doesn't notice at all he's on the website of bNamed.

Once your customer has submitted the owner details, he'll get on the following page which is again a page on your own website. Here he can pay for the domain name. So the payment happens via your website and you're the one receiving and processing the payment. Once you've processed the payment, you log-in under your account with bNamed and indicate that the registration of this domain name can be continued.

Via the reseller website we offer you the possibility to offer domain names via your website in your own look & feel without having to program a single thing.