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Name servers are more important than you think. They provide the basis. If your name servers don't work anymore, nothing will work. Nobody can find your website or domain name anymore. You are unreachable. And that's very annoying to say the least. So you had better provide a solid basis.

What options do we offer?

Your name servers
Link your own name servers to your domain names. You can easily set up ours as a secondary server, if you wish so

Our name servers
Use our extra reliable cluster of name servers

Bulletproof DNS
Extra reliability. Add GoogleDNS, CentralNic registry and cloudNS at the touch of a button

Nameservers are key

If your nameservers don't function anymore, nothing does. Your website, your domain name, all can no longer be reached. So a firm basis is really important.

Don't be collateral damage

If your neighbour becomes the victim of a DDoS attack where spammers fire countless requests per second on a name server causing it eventually to go offline and he uses the same name servers as you, then you can also suffer damage from this.

Combine several nameservers

By combining several nameservers, you create a firm basis for your own domain name and you're sure you won't become collateral damage if your neighbour gets attacked. If one server goes offline, the other ones will keep functioning and they'll take over everything.

One simple click

At bNamed you combine several nameservers with those of Google, CentralNic registry and nameservers specifically designed to withstand DDoS-attacks with just one simple click. Moreover those premium nameservers are in an anycast setup with servers all over the world. Your customer will always get a quick answer because there's always a nameserver nearby.


You wish to protect your domain name and save yourself a lot of trouble? With just one simple click you'll activate our nameserver diversification for your domain name. Log in into your account with us, click on the name for which you wish to activate this, choose nameservers and select 'Bulletproof DNS', that's all it takes!

Nice extra

Your mailserver unreachable, that's a disaster! But as long as your nameservers keep functioning, your emails will arrive just a little later and they won't be lost.