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The occasionally complex world of domain names is not new, but it is constantly evolving. Fortunately, you can rely on bNamed as your steadfast point of contact: we will be delighted to guide you through the entire process of domain name registration and everything that goes with it. To start with, we do this by making sure that you can come to us for every conceivable extension. But that is not all...

How do we as a team stand head and shoulders above the rest? That is most certainly due to our unique level of support. We bring the human factor in a technical sector. We combine expertise with relieving frets and worries. We help our customers. It's as simple as that! At bNamed, you can always consider yourself at home a bit. On and offline.


17 May

The .ad registry (Andorra) has announced that the rules for the registration of .ad domain names will be significantly relaxed.Currently, only owners of a registered trademark valid in Andorra or holders of a trade name valid in Andorra can register this name under the .ad domain. But this will soon change. The .ad registry abolishes […]

16 Apr

If you can’t be found online nowadays, you don’t exist. Your domain name is the online guide to your website. That’s why it is so important that, if you are found online, it is actually you that’s found and not some phishing site or a copy-cat or whatever. Protecting your name online is therefore more […]

28 Mar

A new extension has been introduced, namely the .post extension. Previously, it was virtually impossible to register a name under the .post domain. However, the .post registry has decided to drop the rules, making it possible for everyone to register a .post domain name. The release of these extensions will take place in 2 phases. […]

19 Feb

The Turkish registry has decided to now also allow registrations directly under .tr. Until recently, only third level .tr domain names could be registered (including,,,…) but from now on it is also possible to register a .tr domain name. Owners of a third level .tr domain name will be given priority to […]

01 Feb

The recent announcement by SIDN, the registry of .nl domain names, to migrate their registration platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS), has caused significant unrest within the Dutch internet community. This decision marks a significant shift from using in-house hardware to engaging a US cloud provider for essential digital infrastructure. This has not only led […]

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