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Mexico28,93 USD (€ 24,50)28,93 USD (€ 24,50)28,93 USD (€ 24,50)FREE
Mexico56,67 USD (€ 48,00)56,67 USD (€ 48,00)56,67 USD (€ 48,00)FREE  
Mexico57,85 USD (€ 49,00)57,85 USD (€ 49,00)57,85 USD (€ 49,00)FREE 

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Mexico, the home of the Aztecs, the mariachi, sombreros, tamales, tacos, tortillas, guacomole, the Gulf of Mexico. A popular holiday destination, a bustling capital and a country where you can go to both the coast and the mountains.

Mexico has a lot to offer. Do you live or work in Mexico? Do you organize trips to Mexico or do you know everything about Mexican cuisine?

Thena Mexican domain name is exactly what you need.

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The minimum registration period is 1 year, the maximum is  10 year
An epp key will be requested
No support for IDN. Only default Latin characters (without accents) are supported. Other characters (which are only possible via IDN) are not allowed to be used inside a domain name ending in
DNSSEC is not supported by at this time
Quarantaine periode:
The name can be reactivated up to 39 days after its expiry date without extra charges.
Redemption period:
After the end of the initial quarantaine period, the domain name remains reserved for the previous owner during  30 days. Reactivating the domain name at that point will however cost FREE on top of the registration fee.

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