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Suppose you would like to register a specific domain name, but unfortunately it is no longer available.
That is annoying, especially when you don't have many other possibilities.
Well, our Domain Buy Service might come in handy in such a case!

The advantages of our Domain Buy Service

Everything we do for you, we do anonymously. So the current owner doesn't know who the potential buyer is. Especially when the buyer is a known name, this anonymity can significantly reduce the price

Our experience
We are experts in the sector, so we have experience with the (normal) cost prices of domain names

Guaranteed security
Does the current owner agree? Then we make sure that the final purchase is made securely, from start to finish

How do we help you?

We try to get a hold of your desired domain name through our Domain Buy Service.
To that end, we will try to find out the contact details of the current owner. Since the implementation of the GDPR, this is unfortunately no longer self-evident, as Whois no longer shows all the information of the owner.

Still, we won't be discouraged: we'll just do make that little extra effort.
If we manage to get the data, we will then contact the owner - and ask him or her whether he or she might be interested in selling the name.

Of course, you determine the final cost of the domain name. You decide how much this name may cost you, and we will then negotiate for you as a third party. We will get back to you on a regular basis during these negotiations.
In this way, we will negotiate for you as a third party. You may have gathered already that once again we strive to relieve you of any frets and worries!
Fixed fee: 42,47 USD (€ 39,00)

In the event of a successful acquisition:

Through a trusted partner
+ 7% purchase price minimum 75,14 USD (€ 69,00)

Through an owner in the European Economic Area, USA or Canada
+ 10% purchase price minimum 75,14 USD (€ 69,00)

Through an owner elsewhere
+ 15% purchase price minimum 107,81 USD (€ 99,00)
All prices are excl. VAT and on a yearly basis (unless stated otherwise)! Click here to see the prices incl. VAT.
The amounts in USD are purely informative. The exchange rate date is 12/07/2024.