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Bulkupdate and 'search & replace'
Bulkupdate and 'search & replace'
When you log in under your account with us and you click on 'Extra' in the navigation on the left, you'll find the options BulkUpdate and Search & Replace. These functions allow you to automatically execute changes in the technical settings of several domain names or to just search within the existing settings.

Via a bulk update you can overwrite the technical settings of all your domain names or of the domain names you've selected and replace them by the new settings you enter. So no need do this name per name. It can all be done quick and simply in one time.

Then you've also got the Search & Replace option, which you can for instance use to change an IP address. Very useful for example if you move a server and your IP address has to be adjusted. Simply fill in the old IP address as "search" value and the new IP address as "the new value". The option "Dry Run" gives an overview of all names for which the IP address will be adjusted. Only when the option "Execute changes" is selected, the IP address can also be effectively adjusted.

This feature can also be used to link parked names to an IP address, to replace a CNAME record by an IP address, ...