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How do I as a reseller optimize the emails you have to send in my name?
Sometimes we're obliged to send an email directly to the owner of the domain name. For instance when a transfer needs to be approved or when an email address needs to be validated (when obliged by ICANN). For our resellers we sent those emails in their name.
With these 2 simple modifications the chance of emails being lost reduces and the emails will be a bit more personalised:

Attention: we assume you've already set up an SPF-record. If you haven't done so yet, be very careful with what follows below. It's better not to have an SPF-record than one that's incomplete.
So if you already have an SPF-record hebt, just add the following:

The modification below makes sure we can sign your email with a DKIM-signature which is valid for your domain name. Just create 2 CNAME records to enable this:

nameweb1._domainkey    CNAME
nameweb2._domainkey    CNAME