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How to switch from POP3 to IMAP
If you upgrade your mailbox from POP3 to IMAP, you will need to make some changes in your email software. If you follow these instructions, the whole process will be very straightforward.

1) The first step should be to change your mailbox type in your account on our website from POP3 to IMAP.
Make sure you know the password of your mailbox. If not, this step will allow you to also choose a new password.

2) In your e-mail program, create a new account for this IMAP mailbox, next to your old POP3 account. Follow the instructions on our support page for setting up an IMAP account. Leave the existing POP3 account intact, but you might want to "disable" it, to make sure it doesn't remove new mails from the server.

3) New mails will now arrive in your IMAP inbox, while old mails remain in your POP3 inbox. If you want, you can however drag mails from the old POP3 inbox to the new IMAP inbox and the same works for your sent items. This will copy those old e-mails to our mailserver where they will also become available for any other e-mail client you will be using for this IMAP account. You can just leave the POP3 account untouched but inactive, or delete it once you have moved all mails you want to keep elsewhere.
Do keep into mind the maximum capacity of your IMAP mailbox when moving old mails into it.