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How do I add my POP3 email account to Thunderbird?
We will explain you how to set up your POP3 mailbox in Thunderbird. Important to know is that you always need to use the mailserver of your provider who is responsible for your connection, as your outgoing mailserver (this is the server for the emails you send yourself). We hereby give you a short overview of which server this is with a few well known providers:
  • Pandora (Telenet):
  • Skynet:
  • Proximus:
  • Evonet:
Your provider isn't on the list? Give us a sign!  


  • Open Thunderbird.

  • Choose in Local folders. below Accounts, Create new account.

  • Click Skip this and use my existing emailaccount.

  • Fill in your full name, the email address you created on our website, and the password you chose creating the emailadress. then click Continue .
  • Thunderbird won't be able to configure this account by itself because your domainname is not in their database. After it has searched for a while you will be presented with the options for manual configuration:

  • Use for Incoming: POP3, with Server hostname Choose under SSL for SSL/TLS and under Authentication: Normal password .
  • What you have to fill in in Outgoing depends on your internet service provider (ISP) (look above for an overview or contact your provider).
    If you know only your Server Hostname, choose under SSL for SSL/TLS and under Authentication: No authentication.
  • The port numbers will be automatically filled in by Thunderbird, however, it's best to change the port for the SMTP server to 25.
  • The username is your full email address.
  • Click Ready ; your email account has been added.