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Spamfilter -



  • relaxed: the spamfilter will mark all emails of which it thinks it's spam by adding [spam] to the subject line. Emails won't be deleted.
  • normal: only spam mails of which the filter is very certain they're spam will be deleted. The other emails will get the same mark as with "relaxed"
  • normal + greylisting: below you'll find more details about gerylisting.
  • agressive: all emails which the spamfilter considers as spam, will be deleted
  • agressive + greylisting: below you'll find more details about gerylisting.


This is a revolutionary new method to stop spam. If you combine greylisting with a regular spamfilter, it achieves a success rate of more than 99%. If you choose for greylisting, you need to take into account that some wanted emails can arrive with a delay, especially emails which were sent from someone who has never sent you an email before. Just like with every other spam filter, you take the risk that wanted emails can be stopped.

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