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What discounts are available?
Discounts are offered based upon the total amount of a single order. Consult our prices for an overview of which discounts apply per order amount. By using credits, you can profit maximally from our discount program. A credit is an amount in euros, excluding VAT (Value-Added Tax), which you place into your account. You can use a credit balance to register new domain names or renew existing domain name registrations. If you order one or more domain name registrations but do not reach the minimum amount to qualify for a discount, and you expect to order more registrations in the future, it can be profitable to order extra credits with your current registration order so that you do reach the minimum amount for a discount. In short, if Domain Name Registration(s) Price + Credit(s) >= Minimum Amount for Discount, the discount will be subtracted from the invoice total. A short example to make things clear: If you order domain names for the amount of €120, you'll get a 10% discount.
Let's say you want to order 2 domain names for the amount of €49. In this case, you don't receive a discount yet. But if you know that you'll need some other domain names within a few months, it might be interesting to buy credit for €71. In that case you'll have a total of €120 (€49 for the two domain names and €71 credit). If you place this amount in the same order, you'll get a discount of 10%. The €71 credit will be placed under your account. Later you will be able to use this credit to order new domain names. If you need a high volume of domain names, please contact us via and we'll make you a personal offer.