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How do I transfer my domain name from another registrar to bNamed?

General information

The procedure is largely the same as for registering a new name. You begin by specifying the name in the field 'Check domain name'. You will be told that the name is not available, but that you can transfer it to bNamed. Choose the option to transfer the name. Once we have received payment for that name, we will send an email to the name's licensee, requesting that s/he confirm the transfer. This complies for the transfer of any extension.

Important to know is that you can check the status of your name and which email address is linked to it via the Whois:

When you transfer a .be or a .eu domain name, the registration period starts all over again. No extra costs are charged for those transfers but you'll lose the registration period you still had with the former registrar. Do keep in mind, that when you transfer a domain name, you'll need to pay this for one year. The transfer is free of charge, but you'll need to pay for the registration. When you transfer for instance .com, .net, biz, .info, .org domain names, the registration period will be extended with 1 year. If you like to know what happens with the registration period of other extensions, don't hesitate to contact us.

You hereby find some extra information about the transfer of some extensions

.be en .eu

With those extensions, you've got 2 possibilities. Either you choose for a transfer or you choose for an ownerchange (trade).


If you transfer a .be-name, it is really important you copy the data which are currently shown in the Whois for this domain name. Those data are automatically suggested by our system. You can change them, but limit those changes to correcting the email addresses or phone numbers. Larger changes will result in the inability to transfer the domain name. Once you've requested the transfer, an email will be send to the current owner shown in the Whois. Once the current owner has received this email, he/she needs to follow the instructions given in this email.

ownerchange (trade)

If you choose this option, the owner data need to be changed to the data of the new owner. Once this has happened, both the current and the new owner will receive an email with instructions which both need to follow in order to complete the transfer.

Whether you choose for a transfer or a trade, once you've filed your application you'll receive an email from us with instructions you'll need to follow if you wish to confirm the transfer or the trade via fax. However, you only need this if, fo some reason, the confirmation via email wouldn't work.

.org, .net, .com, .biz and .info

If you file an application to transfer one of these extensions, you need to follow these steps. If you do so, the transfer will happen smoothly.

  1. Contact your current registrar and ask for the EPP-code for the domain name. Send this code to us.
  2. Make sure the status of the domain name isn't on "transfer prohibited". You'll also need to ask your current registrar to switch off this status.
  3. Once we've received the EPP-code, an email will be sent to the email address which, according to the current owner, is linked to this domain name. Instructions given in this email need to be followed in order to confirm the transfer. If the address isn't correct, the best thing to do, is to contact your current registrar and ask him to change to email address to a functioning address. You'll need to contact him anyway in order to complete the first two steps.

.nl, .de, .ch

To transfer those names, you'll need to follow these instructions:

  1. Contact your current registrar and ask for the EPP-code. Send this code to us.
  2. Once we've received the EPP-code the transfer will be continued. A .de and .ch transfer will be completed almost immediately, the transfer of a .nl name will standard take a few days.

Other extensions

To transfer another extension, you can always contact us via