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What is 'Cloaked forwarding' and what do all the settings do?

With cloaked forwarding, your website?s actual address (for example, will be hidden and your domain name will stay in the browser?s address field.

  • URL to forward to: the real address of your website
  • Pass subdirectories: When a visitor goes to, he'll end up on your contact.html page. If you do not check this box, he'll end up on your main webpage. This only works if your URL to forward to ends with a "/".
  • Jump out of frames: When a site links to your website, it might occur that part of the linking site stays open in the same window. This happens when your site is opened within the frame of an other site. Activating this will make your site jump out of that frame and open itself using the full browser window.
  • Title: The browser will display this as the title of your website
  • Contents: Search engines will see this as the content of your main page. Be sure to use some of your keywords in this text, but don't make it just a list of keywords. It should be a peace of text just like what you would put on the front page of your website.
  • Keywords: These are the words you expect visitors to your site would use in a search engine.
  • Description: This is a short description which some search engines will show as a summary of your website.